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Thanks for signing up. Activate your account to start with Frame for free.

What is Frame?

Frame lets you run desktop applications in the cloud and access them from a browser, no plugins required. It's like having your own computer inside a browser.

Getting started: Frame Demo account

The Demo account (that you're about to open) is the easiest way to explore Frame and to learn how it works. It gives you access to pre-installed applications like Microsoft Office, Paint, and and Notepad++. Use them with your own files.

Where is the Frame Demo hosted?

In our California datacenter. This means that your experience might be affected if you're connecting from far away.

Can I install my own apps on Frame?

You bet! Once you're familiar with Frame Demo, start your free 7-day trial of Frame Personal by picking a datacenter closest to you (trial accounts are Frame Personal Starter tier accounts; to learn more, click here). Of course, during your trial you can upgrade to other paid plans to explore more options such as running on GPU backed workstation-class systems.

How to get help

Send feedback and questions to delight@fra.me, or use the built-in form once you're signed in. To learn about Frame at your own pace, visit our documentation site at docs.fra.me.

Have fun!
-- Team Frame

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