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Get back to me regarding my last wish.
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In this Issue: World Book Day, Develop Writing Habits, and more
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[AskWoody] Your username and password info
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[AskWoody] Your username and password info

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Welcome to the AskWoody Lounge!

I think you'll find the Lounge a great place to sit back and talk tech. Remember that we welcome
with the whole spectrum of computer victims, from Dummies to Gurus, and many points in between.

I'm trying hard to keep the level of conversation on the Lounge at the upper end of the gene pool.
Please, no personal attacks, no swearing (my six-year-old reads posts), and leave the political
and religious innuendos for the Rants forum.

Jump in with both feet! Looking forward to talking with you.

Username: mackhill1988
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Login URL: https://www.askwoody.com/wp-login.php?action=rp&key=pJN3gftEN7wnVFpG4X8b&login=mackhill1988

- Woody Leonhard (woody@askwoody.com)

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