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The inspiring $36.4 billion success story of "the good bank."
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The inspiring $36.4 billion success story of "the good bank."

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Breaking Buy Alert from Hilary Kramer
Hilary Kramer
Hilary Kramer

It’s started! With all stress tests passed, financials are set to lead
the market. Below, I reveal my favorite financial pick for 2017-
a dividend-plus-growth gem. But there’s another inspiring
reason why I love this company. Discover the amazing story of The Good Bank… and why it’s an outstanding investment for you…


U.S. Financials Are Set to Soar:
My Top Pick is Also One of the
Best Values You’ll Find Today

It’s a bank that chose “good” over “greed” 145 years ago.

It stayed profitable during the 1929 and 2008 market crashes.

Shares are up 46% over the last 17 months with 12% more growth just ahead—plus a double-digit dividend hike.

Fellow Investor:

It’s a first. The Fed announced that all the nation’s largest banks aced the “stress tests”—setting the stage for the biggest dividend payout in a decade.

This is the ONE STOCK I’d buy if I were permitted ONLY ONE FINANCIAL PICK today.

Buy this stock for the dividend and hold it for the growth—this is a special company.

But first, by all means, read their amazing story…


1865. Four bloody years of the American Civil War come to an end.

A young soldier, the son of a local farmer, returns home to find devastation.

Towns and villages reduced to rubble. Farms burned and crops destroyed. Mass starvation loomed over the area.

Amid the destruction, the farmer’s son and his close friend decide they must help their neighbors…

They open a bank.

But NOT a typical bank for the time and place—a NEW kind of bank…

Why should you care about this obscure footnote to financial history from nearly a century and a half ago? Here’s why…

Today, the very same bank these two young men founded is my absolute top recommendation in the soon-to-be-dominant financial sector.

It is, very simply, one of the best-managed businesses in the country.

Indeed, at the recent Money Show, I singled it out as one of my top stocks not only for this year—but for next year as well.

It’s not just a brilliantly managed bank…I feel comfortable calling it a good bank…and a superb investment for you as financials fire up to lead the market.

In just a minute, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about how to profitably invest in this remarkable business.

But first, I want to explain why I think so highly of the Good Bank— beyond their ability to reward us with strong growth and solid dividends.

It’s highly a relevant story because it relates to how this company is managed to this very day…and how owning its shares can grow your wealth.

Healing an Economic Calamity

From the start, the young war veteran and his partner envisioned a bank that would help their neighbors rebuild their farms and small businesses.

To accomplish their goal, the partners offered innovative banking services rare in the mid-19th century in an area so devastated by years of conflict. 

In the war’s wake the region’s economy had collapsed, its future bleak.

Farms lay barren, pillaged of crops and equipment by both armies. Livestock—horses, mules and cattle—were lost.

Negotiable currency was scarce. Farmers and shopkeepers resorted to the barter system with what meager goods and services they could muster.

Large farms broke up into small tenant farms. Sharecroppers depended on local merchants for credit in order to obtain seed and equipment.

An ugly cycle of mounting debt resulted. The region slid into desperate poverty.

The Good Bank to the Rescue

The new bank’s arrival couldn’t have been more fortuitous for the people.

Postwar, only 30 banks remained in the entire state—with combined total deposits amounting to only $250,000, a pittance.

Back then, many ordinary folks feared banks as intimidating places that foreclosed on mortgaged homes and farms…where one stood, hat in hand, pleading for a bit of financial help to carry on in life’s struggle.

A Fresh Start

From the outset, the partners changed all that. They helped rebuild the farms and businesses in the surrounding counties with honest loans at honest terms.

Strapped farmers now financed seed and fertilizer at reasonable rates…and repaired and replaced farm equipment.

In addition, the fledgling bank accepted timed deposits, akin to modern-day CDs.

They paid interest on regular deposits, not a universal practice back then, encouraging cash reserves.

The new bank proved popular. Locals trusted the bank and made it a success.

As the 20th century dawned, the bank continued to grow—opening new branches, an insurance department, and a mortgage loan division.

In the new century, the Good Bank proved to be impressively stress-proof.

In 1929, when financial calamity struck—the Good Bank kept its doors open.

At other banks, panicked customers withdrew money from their accounts moving what little cash they had to Postal Savings Banks, supposedly “backed by the good faith of the U.S. Federal Government.”

However, the Post Office deposited their money right back into the Good Bank, which the U.S. government deemed the safest place of all!

Between 1929 and 1933—an era of failing banks—this remarkable bank more than DOUBLED its branches and TRIPLED its assets.

They defied the financial odds again 79 years later. In 2008—the biggest market crash since the Great Depression triggered the closing of 465 banks nationwide.

Again, the Good Bank survived the challenge. They stayed open and profitable throughout the Great Recession following the crash.

Today, they’ve grown from a single private bank in 1872 to over 2,000 branches in 19 states.

Here’s what really impresses me the most about this extraordinary bank…

They Still Hold to the Sound Banking Policies
Instituted By the Farmer’s Son 145 Years Ago

After all these years, through good times and bad, the Good Bank remains a strong, conservatively run business where risky loans are scrupulously avoided.

As from the start, they primarily provide lending and banking services to individuals and small- and mid-sized businesses.

Add to these sound practices the wise policy of making small, but carefully chosen, acquisitions—and you have a bank in solid position to build shareholder value.

I should add that customer loyalty is strong. J.D Power & Associates consistently recognizes the bank for its “outstanding client satisfaction.”

I hope that gives you an idea of why I believe the Good Bank is one of the best-managed banks in the country today.

Here’s another reason to add this stock to your portfolio…

We Expect to Earn Money—Significant Money

The future looks bright for financials.

As interest rates gradually rise and economic growth remains on track, banks will prosper and lead the market. Hopes for reduced banking regulations and a tax overhaul should add momentum.

We’re already seeing banks on the rise. As I write, the Nasdaq Bank Index is up 23% since the November election—and up 53% year to date.

The MSCI Financials Index is up 48% over a year ago.

My top financial pick, the Good Bank, is up 46% over the last 17 months… and I’m projecting an additional 12% growth in the next few months. Plus, they’ve just announced a 10% boost in their already solid dividend rate.

Now you know why this is one of my top stocks for both 2017 and 2018.

Here’s where you come in: My team and I have exhaustively researched The Good Bank and will be delighted to send you our complete report.Report: Stress-Test Superstar: The Undervalued Financial That Will Make You Feel Good As You Get Richer

You’ll find all the exciting details in, STRESS-TEST SUPERSTAR: The Undervalued Financial That Will Make You Feel Good As You Get Richer.

All I ask is that you give my advisory service, Value Authority, a risk-free test run. Put it through your own personal drill—be as tough on me as you like.

Track my recommendations rigorously. Keep a record of how they actually perform.

When you take up my challenge, you’ll quickly see that…

My value investing system offers many rewards. In fact…

It works so well I can guarantee you one to three winning stocks a month…12 months a year!

My name is Hilary Kramer and I’m the founder and Editor of Value Authority.

I’m a long-time devotee of the kind of stocks that are—quite literally—predestined to go up in share value because they are incorrectly or unfairly undervalued.

No surprise I’m a big fan—value investing made me a millionaire by age 30—and a multi-millionaire at 36.

You’re probably aware that growth versus value is one of the oldest investing debates in existence.

Of late, growth has been on a roll—fueled largely by the strong growth of big-cap technology stocks.

Besotted by the glamour of so-called FANG stocks (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google), investors have overlooked the historical strength of value stocks.

Indeed, many investors don’t know this, but…

As a long-term strategy for building wealth, value investing actually outperforms growth stocks.

The latest available numbers show how that advantage translates into dollars and cents in real life:

Chart: Value vs. Growth in Large Cap Stocks

As you can see, value investing took off in 1980s and 1990s during the Reagan-Clinton boom years—and has increased its lead over growth during the 2000s.

If anything, this chart understates the long-term superiority of value stocks over growth stocks. $1,000—instead of just $100— invested in growth stocks became about $2,000,000 million…but the same $1,000 skyrocketed to about $10,000,000 million in value stocks.

I’d say that’s a pretty convincing track record over time, wouldn’t you?

Value investing has succeeded for some of the world’s legendary investors—Peter Lynch, Benjamin Graham, John Templeton, and, perhaps most famously of all, a certain very frugal gentleman from Omaha whose net worth is presently $77.1 billion.

I can hear you thinking—“Big whoop. I know value investing works for billionaires like Buffett…but how can I make it work for me?”

I’m delighted to answer that.

Let’s start with the fact that it’s always a good strategy to buy stocks that are undervalued…and avoid overvalued stocks. Agreed?

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

Except that it isn’t—the proof of which is that all investors are NOT millionaires.

Picking genuine, bonafide undervalued stocks is complicated.

It took me years of studying Warren Buffett’s trading steps to uncover his secrets for unearthing the undervalued gems he buys.

Here’s the good news: “Complicated” is NOT your problem—starting as of today.

Guaranteed-At Least 10 Double-Digit
Winners Every Year

I’ll go straight to the point.

At Value Authority we build wealth—strong, steady wealth—by producing relentless gains of 10% to 20% to 30% in just months.

Here’s just a taste of our double-digit winners so far in 2017. We’ve made…

  • +27.8% on Abbott Laboratories
  • +19.2% on ICON
  • +37.0% on Everest Re Group
  • +21.6% on Check Point Savings
  • +11.3% on Foot Locker
  • +12.4% on Honeywell
  • +11.0% on Public Service Enterprise
  • +12.6% on J.M. Smucker

And 2017 still has a long way to go—I see plenty more gainers ahead.

Not unusual at all. We do this year after year.

Good example: In 2016 (a volatile election year, for certain) we posted impressive wins despite the turmoil:

  • +25.9% from Goldman Sachs
  • +20.2% from Zimmer Biomet
  • +33.0% from St. Jude Medical
  • +17.7% from Cisco Systems
  • +13.9% from PAREXEL International
  • +13.5% from Johnson & Johnson
  • +13.3% from Crane
  • +10.5% from Dollar General

Those are just a sample of our double-digit winners last year. In total, we closed out 20 winning trades in tumultuous, nerve-wracking 2016.

As I said earlier, I’m a compulsive seeker of “Buffet Quality” stocks that are undervalued by Wall Street.

But there’s another key factor as well, in addition to being undervalued.

These stocks must also be incorrectly or unfairly undervalued—just being “cheap” doesn’t make the cut. Plenty of cheap stocks are so for good reason.

We discard those stocks from those we consider worthy for our members.

Also, the stocks I recommend (like those Warren Buffett favors) must possess an identifiable “driver” that will move them higher.

In short: If you can identify these drivers and act before they kick in—you have virtually ZERO chance of NOT making money.

So, how do we isolate such drivers?

Sparing you the arcane details, I’ll just say we screen 5,000 stocks every day in our never-ending effort to uncover those incorrectly or unfairly undervalued companies whose share prices are just waiting to ignite.

We put each company through an exhaustive analysis of key fundamentals, including profit growth, net income performance, debt-to-assets ratio, earnings growth—and most importantly share-price discount as determined by our proprietary formula.

That last step stays secret—in fairness to my paying subscribers.

When a stock meets our criteria for an important momentum shift—our system alerts us instantly.

And I alert our subscribers immediately.

Remember, value investing made me a multi-millionaire.

And Value Authority can help you achieve your million-dollar goal (and more) with our safe, sure-handed strategy that produces a systematic, month-by-month accumulation of genuine, solid, wealth.

That’s why I sincerely hope you’ll choose to become one of us.

I promise investing will never be the same for you!

What It’s Like to Invest with Us

You’ll see immediately that Value Authority gives you access to some of the most relentless, wealth-building investments you’ll ever find.

Here’s a peek at what awaits you, in just seconds if you join now.

  • Colossus of steel. The largest metals service center company in North America, this outfit boasts over 125,000 customers in a broad range of industries. What I like best about them is that they’re positioned to reap profits literally legislated to them by even this paralyzed U.S. Congress. Yes, you read that correctly. It’s probably the ONLY issue these partisan politicians can agree on—but they do. And we stand to gain. I’m targeting this stock for at least 13% profits in 12 months or less.
  • Can’t live without them. Consumer staples are a key member of the value stocks family. This company is the premier operator in their field. A big factor driving this success has been superior customer service. The company was an early adopter of analytics, or “Big Data,” to determine what customers wanted and offered products and coupons based on those demands. I’m targeting this stock for at least 28% profits in 12 months or less.
  • Software sure thing. This software company is renowned as an expert provider of actionable intelligence solutions for better management decision making and marketing. They also provide security and compliance solutions, such as voice encryption, for their customers’ Big Data systems. That customer list, by the way, includes 80% of the Fortune 100 companies. I’m targeting this stock for at least 13% profits in 12 months or less.
  • Surprise find. You’d never guess this company is a solid value play—but it’s a good one. The company has a history of steady growth and boasts a diversified revenue stream, 75% of which is either subscription-based or recurring in nature. The shares are very reasonably valued at 16x 2017 EPS estimates, while offering a solid 2.2% dividend. As I said, it’s an unexpected find. I’m targeting this stock for at least 14% profits in 12 months or less.

In my view, there’s no better place to invest your money for life-changing wealth than value stocks.

Of course, you can keep hoping to hit a “grand slam” with a triple-digit or even quadruple-digit monster score. Seriously, what are the odds of that?

On the other hand, you can build serious wealth with a steady progression of double-digit gains that pile up month after month and year after year.

That’s what value investing with Value Authority is all about.

Double-Digit Gains Are Run-of-the-Mill
for Value Authority Members

I suggest you click here to join us and then go straight to our current issue.

Right off the bat, you’ll see our latest double-digit winning closings:

  • +27.8% Abbott Laboratories
  • +38.6% Everest Re Group
  • +19.2% ICON

And you’ll also learn all you need to know about our newest double-digit potential buys.

One is an industrial powerhouse we expect will return us at least 13% within a few months.

The other is a manufacturer that, thanks to a new Trump policy, will likely put another 13% gain in our pockets.

But most of all you’ll quickly realize…

Now is the Perfect Time to
Invest with
Value Authority

You’ve probably had doubts about the extravagant valuations of many of today’s growth stocks.

I don’t blame you.

The eye-popping, triple-digit share prices are not deliberate misrepresentations—they’re more like (to quote a former Fed chairman) “irrational exuberance” over the huge outperformance of a handful of large-cap tech stocks.

Count on it: When the wild exuberance inevitably reaches the tipping point, many investors will suffer badly.

No such worries when you invest with us at Value Authority.

My system painstakingly and unemotionally analyzes every stock we cover and then assigns a precise “target price” to each.

You can consider that to be the real share value for the stock—in other words where it should be trading.

The larger the spread between the “buy below” price we provide you with and the target price, the bigger the profit upside of the stock.

It’s a very safe and profitable way to invest.

It’s how Buffett, Lynch, Templeton, et al, built their fortunes; how I made myself a multimillionaire after years of obsessively chasing Buffett’s secret.

Now it’s your turn—and I’ll do my best to make it easier for you than it was for me.

Here’s what I suggest…

Give Value Authority a Test Run—Risk-Free

Normally, a year’s subscription to Value Authority costs $399.

But not today.

I’m inviting you to try my advisory starting today, risk-free, at the special introductory rate of just $99 for a full year.

That’s just 27 cents a day—and a whopping $300 off the regular price.

Here’s what your membership brings you:

  • Fresh Winning Trades Weekly: All will have solid growth potential… between 10% and 25% gains in a matter of weeks. You’ll get specific, step-by-step guidance with “buy below” and “target price” goals—there couldn’t be an easier, more stress-free way to build wealth.
  • My Weekly Update:  My exclusive outlook on the events of the week, plus a look ahead at the market and where it’s headed…and the probable impact on our holdings.
  • In-Depth Analysis: Along with each pick you’ll receive my full analysis supporting my recommendations—and clear guidance on how to take best advantage. I do my homework, and you’ll see it all in clear and easy-to-read graphs and charts pointing the way to profits.
  • 24/7 Flash-Alert Emails: Today’s markets change on a dime. We’ll keep you on top of it all with up-to-the-second advice on shifting markets, fluctuating earnings and developing political storms that could affect your holdings. You’ll be primed to seize new opportunities with the latest flash direct from me to your email inbox.
  • Unlimited Website Access: You’ll have instant access to the members-only Value Authority website. Here you’ll find exclusive analysis, comprehensive portfolio data tables, complete issue archives and research you can’t get anywhere else.
  • And don’t forget…

  • My Personal Guarantee of 10 Double-Digit Winners Each Year: I can make this promise because we’ve never failed to deliver it. Already this year we’ve racked up 90% of our double-digit goal—and we’re not slowing down.

Don’t forget, by joining us now you’ll receive 12 months of my winning trades for just $99—a full $300 off the regular price.

And you’ll have my iron-clad guarantee: If over your trial subscription period you’re not completely satisfied with the winners I’m providing you, I’ll send you a full refund on the balance of your membership.

Report: Stress-Test Superstar: The Undervalued Financial That Will Make You Feel Good As You Get RicherYou have my word on that.

Also, the new bonus report, STRESS-TEST SUPERSTAR: The Undervalued Financial That Will Make You Feel Good As You Get Richer, is yours to keep, along with my thanks for giving Value Authority a try.

Before I sign off, one last thing. If you forget everything else I’ve said in this letter, please remember this:

As a strategy for building long-term wealth, value investing actually outperforms growth investing by a factor of 500% (Source: Ibbotson Associates/Morningstar).

It’s been accomplished by the best. Warren Buffett still adds to his fortune with value investing.

And it’s been accomplished by many other ordinary (but now happily wealthy) investors no one’s ever heard of.

If you’re worried about this pricey market (as you should be), that’s just one more reason to try Value Authority.

My system dispassionately analyzes every stock we cover, revealing exactly where the stock in question should be trading.

Take it to the bank: If there’s one way left to safely, confidently reach your financial goal, value stocks are it.

The best way to start? Put your first double-digit winner on the scoreboard with the Good Bank—one of the most rock-solid value buys I’ve seen in years.

What’s more, the stars are lining up for this company—Fed chairman Yellen’s recent announcement of cautious rate increases is more good news for financials.

The combination of steady economic growth plus gentle rate hikes only underscores my certainty that financials will become the market leaders going forward.

Remember, I’ve already listed the Good Bank as one of my top stocks—regardless of sector—to watch for both 2017 and 2018.

It’s time to find out what these stocks can do for you.

Try Value Authority.

Try it right now—right here.

Claim Your Risk-Free Membership NOW!

Yours for investing success,

Hilary Kramer
Editor, Value Authority

Report: Stress-Test Superstar: The Undervalued Financial That Will Make You Feel Good As You Get RicherP.S. The tidal shift to value is turning into a tsunami—two major financial indexes are up an average of 50.5% over a year ago. You should act quickly on my favorite financial stock. My advice: Send for your free report, STRESS-TEST SUPERSTAR: The Undervalued Financial That Will Make You Feel Good As You Get Richer. Scrutinize my research and decide for yourself whether I’m right that the future for this stock is exceptionally lucrative. I expect to be reporting double-digit gains within weeks.

Report: Five More Double-Digit Stocks Every Investor Must Buy NowP.P.S. QUICK-ACTION BONUS! On the subject of time, why not take me up on this? If you join us within the next 48 hours I’ll also send you a complimentary copy of Five More Double-Digit Trades Every Investor Must Make. Things are heating up among the best value stocks. This report identifies the best-of-the best of undervalued companies set to reward us with double-digit gains in the weeks and months ahead.

AND SPEAKING OF DOUBLE-DIGIT GAINS…don’t forget my promise:

I guarantee you at least 10 DOUBLE-DIGIT WINNERS A YEAR…or I’ll refund the balance of your membership fee. No questions asked. I look forward to welcoming you to Value Authority…and hearing about your first double-digit winners! Cheers!

Go here to start your Charter Membership to Value Authority at zero risk now!


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