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Welcome to MEGA
2017-04-04 16:18:40
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Welcome to MEGA

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Welcome to MEGA
Thanks for joining us here at MEGA -- The Privacy Company. You have just joined many millions of like-minded users on the world's safest cloud collaboration platform.
First things, first. We recommend you back up your Recovery Key. It is the key to your MEGA account.
Your not so ordinary cloud storage.

Privacy Here at MEGA, you are in charge of your data. Neither MEGA nor your Internet provider, a search engine, your insurance company or a government can decrypt your files. It's up to you (and only you) if you want to share any of your files.

Encryption The secret sauce to ensure that your stuff on MEGA stays private is technically called "encryption", and it is controlled by you. We have a number of smart people to ensure that encryption is done properly and you are the only one in charge of your stuff.

Browser MEGA needs to use HTML5 compatible browsers to ensure your stuff remains safe. Safari and many other browsers are missing some of the advanced features we need. We recommend Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Space We're the first to provide a whopping 50 GB of storage space to our customers for free. You can also get more if you decide to buy. But let's just get you started on the juicy 50 GB already.

Best regards,

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