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Seeking Talented Artists for the Asia Illustrations Collection!
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MediBang! - Registration complete / Email confirmation guide
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MediBang! - Registration complete / Email confirmation guide

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Dear nsfworkart Thank you for registering at MediBang. ↓Confirm your email with the followng link. After confirming your email address, you will have access to all of the features of MediBang, MediBang Paint, and MangaName. https://medibang.com/myProfile/mailAddressVerify?id=883e2e3e-a751-46d9-b2a7-e1c8c06f9846 Make, publish, and sell your e-books! At MediBang you can publish and sell your comics, and novels. Your work will be viewed by people all over the world. ------------------------------------------------ If you received this email by accident ------------------------------------------------ If you did not register, it is possible you are receiving this email by accident. If this is the case, please delete this email. ■ Caution ■ This is an automated email. It isn't necessary to reply. For questions please use the contact form on the official site. MediBang! - Web comics, novels, illustrations! - https://medibang.com/

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