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2017-09-29 11:31:37
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2017-05-19 15:21:42
Re: Partnership Proposal
2017-05-05 02:20:58
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Re: Partnership Proposal

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Dear Sir/Ma'm,

We have not heard anything back from you on my previous e-mail. I would request you to kindly have a look at my previous e-mail and let me know your precious thoughts on the same.

I am sure we can reach a mutually beneficial deal and build this a long term business relationship.

You prompt response will be appreciated.

Waiting for your reply.

Subject: Re: Partnership Proposal
Date: Mon, 03 Ari 2017 12:17:00 +0000
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On 03 Apr 2017, at 20:55, Justin <
justinwebmedia@gmail.com> wrote:


My Name is Justine and I'm with Depex I am representing you one of the leading Website/Mobile app and Digital Marketing Company with a proven track record of serving big projects worldwide.

We specialize in complete range of off page, all types of Mobile Apps Developments, Web Design and we provide the backend white labelled services. We define, design and deliver SEO outsourcing solutions as per the outsourced company requirement.

We would be happy to know if you are willing to outsource your project campaigns to us.

We would assign a dedicated Project Manager along with his team members for your campaigns who would assist through all your campaigns.

Why us:

• Quality team members to ensure high standards

• Dedicated Account Manager

• deliver work on time 85% times

• Big World Class Infrastructure with more than 200 staff members

• Sign-up the NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreement).

• Facility to provide effective Online Project Management Tracking tools

• Timely and smooth communication etc.

• Frequent reporting with all required format and information.

• Ethical process and white hat technique only

Above all we offer best competitive prices for all kinds of Web Services.

We provide cost effective digital solutions for website development, mobile apps and digital marketing campaigns that really make the difference.

Our team is committed to providing you with a smooth, exciting and transparent experience built on superb communication and interaction every step of the way.

We follow the latest guidelines to ensure that you not only get full value for your investments but also secure your investments for a long term. We never take short cuts; use automated tools or questionable tactics. We work smart, creative and treat every site as if it were our own.

We accept PayPal, 2CO, Credit cards, Wire transfer and Cheque payments also.

Do let me know if you are interested and I would be happy to share our price or revert back to me for more details or queries you might have regarding our services.

For the further discussion, we are also happy to talk through Phone or Skype at Blowsons

Please let me know us, know your contact details so that we can discuss the things accordingly in very short span of time.

Look forward to hearing back from you soon.


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