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See what you’ve missed! Better connections, new features & more
2017-08-25 15:15:17
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See what you’ve missed! Better connections, new features & more

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Don’t wait to meet someone great |
Meet someone as individual as you are

Better Dates Are in Your Future 

We made some awesome improvements since you've been gone so you can connect with someone as individual as you are.

1. Brand-new questions help you connect with people over what you care about most, right now. Are differing politics a dating deal breaker? We'll make sure the members you meet share your views.

2. With our new member pledge, we remind everyone on OkCupid that sending harassing messages will get them be banned immediately. It's simple, but it's important—and it's making a difference.

3. Photo commenting is the new ice breaker. If you see a pic you like, you can comment directly on it so they know which hat of theirs you really love, or just how adorable you think their dog is.

4. Every day, tens of thousands of new members join OkCupid looking for someone interesting like you. They have good taste! Don't miss the opportunity to meet them.

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