Getting Started

Let's look at the basic elements of site management
email fake header
1 - generate a new randomly email.
2 - open help center.
3 - change site language.
4 - open recently used mailboxes.
email fake body
5 - "Select tab". On this tab, you can select emails from the drop-down list.
6 - "Search / write tab" On this tab, you can search or write your own email.
7 - fields to enter email name.
8 - drop-down list of active verified domains.
9 - button to copy the selected email to the clipboard.
10 - indicator of existence mailbox.
In the tab 6 - "Search / write tab", you can use the search by domains name or enter a new domain name.
To get new mail you do not need to refresh the page. All email loaded immediately and automatically