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Contact me via:( mrpatrickson1sl@gmail.com )


I am writing from the Geni microgenealogy here in Edinburgh, Scotland.We are Heir Hunters probate detectives searching for distant relatives of persons who have died without making a will.We attempts to find missing or unknown heirs, entitled to deceased people's estates before the Scotts Treasury lawfully collects the discovered £9,000,000 million pounds.We came across your name as a next of Kin to a deceased relative of yours .Please get back to us with your full name, date of birth, address and your direct contact numbers for verification on our database in order to enable us carry on necessary process for your claims.

Yours trully,
Mr Patrickson C.
Geni Microgenealogy,Edinburgh Branch office.
Scotland, United Kingdom.
Email: mrpatrickson1sl@gmail.com

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