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Here's Your Cinemagraph Pro Download Link, ❤️ Flixel
2017-04-28 05:40:57
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Here's Your Cinemagraph Pro Download Link, ❤️ Flixel

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Thanks for signing up with Flixel. This email contains your direct download link for Cinemagraph Pro for Mac and iOS.
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Thanks for your interest in Cinemagraph Pro! You can start testing our app by downloading and installing the file from one of these links:

Cinemagraph Pro for Mac
Cinemagraph Pro for iOS

If clicking the buttons above doesn't work, copy and paste these links into your browser:

Cinemagraph Pro for Mac: https://flixel.com/products/mac/pro/download

Direct link to Cinemagraph Pro for iOS:  https://itunes.apple.com/app/cinemagraph-pro/id642139481 

And for some more tips, head on over to our Learning Lab to check out our tutorial videos. You can also find some inspiration, like the cinemagraph in this email, in our Cinemagraphs Gallery–we love to feature our community's work.

Now go and create some amazing cinemagraphs! 




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P.S. Learn about the company. Watch our Flixel startup story

If you like our apps, we would be delighted if you could review them on the Mac and iOS app store. If you have any issues, please let us know by email at support@flixel.com.
Cinemagraph by : Jenff